Thursday, December 8, 2011

Giving Where It's Needed

This time of year it's easy to lose sight of the basics when it comes to gift giving. A Giving Spirit Foundation helps families who just need to pay the power bill, buy groceries and/or pay the rent but can't because their money is going toward surgeries or other necessities due to their health situation.

Here are just a few of the wonderful responses AGSF hears when a grant is approved:

"God will bless people like you in special ways for helping people like me"

"You are the bright light in an otherwise grim and terribly stressful time."

"You have helped make my patients feel like they are somebody worthy of attention and compassion, something that is so often so hard for them to find."

"You have definitely changed a life with this gift."

"Thank You! [She] will now be able to remain in her home!"

Let's continue to help the people who need helping this holiday season - you can do your part by making a donation to A Giving Spirit Foundation.